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February 25th, 2015 Posted in UToledo in the news
UT/Schoolcraft College Partnership

UTMC Among First to Treat Cardiac Patients with New Device

The University of Toledo Medical Center is one of the first hospitals to treat cardiac patients with a newly approved, revolutionary device.

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Launch Pad Incubation

UT Bar Exam Rates Second in Ohio, Michigan

The University of Toledo finished second among law schools whose students took the bar exam for the first time in July.

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UT Researchers Receive Grant for Water Quality

Astronomers Revive Gas-, Dust-Studying Telescope

How do astronomers determine the shapes of objects that are too far away to photograph? One method is by using spectropolarimetry, an observational technique that measures the way light waves align after they scatter through clouds of gas and dust in space. The Half-wave Spectropolarimeter (HPOL) is an instrument designed by Wisconsin astronomer Dr. Kenneth Nordsieck in 1989 to conduct these measurements. During HPOL’s 15-year lifetime at the University of Wisconsin’s Pine Bluff Observatory (PBO), astronomers worldwide used data from HPOL to study the gas and dust surrounding planets, comets, stars, and supernovae, as well as the interstellar medium within our Milky Way Galaxy.

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UT Microbiologist on Germs

Reverse Transplant Tourism

UT Selected as Top School for Military and Veteran Students

Military Advanced Education has named The University of Toledo a top school in its 2015 Guide to Colleges and Universities, which measures best practices in military and veteran education.

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CNN Analyst, Democratic Strategist Speaks at UT

Democratic political strategist and commentator Paul Begala urged both parties to find ways to compromise, while frequently skewering Republican politicians, in a speech Wednesday night at the University of Toledo.

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